Fish Lake Trail hike

Fish Lake trail, Yukon

Fish Lake trail, Yukon looking down the trail.

(located at Mile 889.4 Alaska Hwy) Our Westfalia is a dot, parked at the end of the road that you can see on the right hand side of the lake (not Fish Lake).

This is a pretty easy trail because you drive most of the elevation before you start the walk. The trail itself has an elevation gain of 352 m.

The Fish Lake trail hike is a local secret. Although the trail braids a bit they all eventually rejoin the main path. You can see that it is used by horseback riders because of all the hoof prints on the track. Once at the top you get a view of the Bonneville Lakes area.

At the top of the trail we forayed off onto the tundra.

Walking on tundra is like walking on the deepest, softest plushest carpet. The tundra is at least a foot deep and springy as you step on it. It makes it really easy to scale fairly steep side hills because the tundra helps your shoes stick in place.

It is stunningly beautiful.

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2 Responses to Fish Lake Trail hike

  1. Nilou says:

    WOW! Merridith, it is stunning. Love your photos, it seems you had lots of fun.
    Thanks fr sharing your beautiful memories. Great blog by the way. Take care

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