Hiking the hills of Whitehorse

There are a maze of trails around Whitehorse that turn into cross country ski tracks in winter. There are so many side branches and cross trails, that we have to bring a map for orienteering purposes. Even with the map, at certain points, we are unsure of where we are.

Whitehorse is surrounded by prehistoric desert dunes and hidden lakes. Rolling hills and and soapberry bushes abound!

Soapberry season is in full swing, so we made sure to sample some while keeping a sharp lookout for bears. Soap berries taste sour with some tiny blackberry-like seeds inside. They are very refreshing, but sour and seedy to eat. While we are hiking we run into a First Nations woman who is picking them to make soap berry ice cream. This is a native delicacy.

The recipe is: berries, sugar with a touch of water and drop of oil. Whisk until foamy. There are only two Youtube videos showing how to make the soap berry ice cream – this is the best one – mmm! mmm!

(They don’t get the recipe portions quite right, but you’ll get the idea!)

Here are the views that you get along various parts of the trails:

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