About Merridith & Michel

A Trip of a Lifetime

Michel & I love to travel. So we are taking the year off – to follow our passion. There hasn’t been a lot of planning put into this. Just a couple of travel books from the library (Lonely Planet is our favourite), and some half-baked plans. The idea is to take it as far as possible, while being as flexible as possible. A round-the-world-tour! Or maybe just around the province.  Who knows? Whatever happens it’ll be fun.

Please feel free to join us on our walkabout.

Our background:

Two 50 year-old vagabonds from Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

If you want to start reading this blog from the beginning:

From packing frenzy to sun tanned travelers….. follow this link to the beginning of the blog. ( I always find it maddening trying to determine where the ‘start’ of a blog is.)


1 Response to About Merridith & Michel

  1. Maree Cross says:

    Hey nice to hear about your travels. I am envious would love to do it too. Loved the photo of the Helmshad Falls As for the bugs eat more vegemite I say!!

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